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“Are Gluten & Wheat The Same Thing?” « Wellness With Rose

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“Are Gluten & Wheat The Same Thing?”

Dana Berkoski

Dana Berkoski

Question From A Reader:

I thought “gluten” & “wheat” are the same thing but Lara said that some things can still have gluten even if they are wheat free?
And eating Eezikeal bread is wheat bread even thought it’s been sprouted, are we still technically eating wheat?
Thanks love!
- d

Rose’s Answer:

Gluten is the protein that is in wheat that causes all the problems, but it’s found in other grains as well such as barley and rye.
When you eat Ezekiel bread you’re still eating wheat, but if you check the ingredients list you’ll see that it’s “sprouted.” When wheat is sprouted, the gluten is destroyed. The list must SAY the word sprouted before grain, otherwise the gluten hasn’t been eliminated.

However, you will also notice that a small amount (I mean VERY small!) of gluten is added back into Ezekiel bread. So, it’s not safe for Celiacs, but it’s usually fine for anyone with an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten, like myself. And believe me, YOU WOULD KNOW IF YOU WERE CELIAC! They’d tell you in the hospital – which is where a Celiac would be after eating even the tiniest bit of gluten.

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