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“Turn Back The Clock With Anti-Aging Remedies”

AudaciousAging002I’m co-authoring a book with Deepak Chopra & Andrew Weil!

Audacious Aging is an amazing book featuring rockstars in their field. The contributors include Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil – and, Yours Truly is on the list!

This book brings together voices from medicine, psychology, business, government, the media, and entertainment, to articulate a brilliant new vision of the possibilities of the second half of life.

Some are in their nineties, others are in their twenties, yet we all share a common vision of aging.

Not content with “going gently into that good night,” we have come together because we all see midlife and beyond as a gateway to changing the planet, and accelerating personal transformation. We all expect to live long, healthy, active and influential lives.

The other common bond that brought all of us together on this project was that we are all profoundly engaged at the crossroads of crises and opportunities on Earth, and in this inspiring book, we paint a brilliant new picture of the opportunities that come with aging audaciously.

And, 100% of the proceeds will benefit our charity, Care! CARE is a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty with a focus on women. CARE programs include education, HIV prevention, clean water initiatives, economic opportunity expansion and natural resource protection. CARE also delivers aid to survivors of war and natural disasters.

Audacious Aging plus Bonus Anti-Aging Teleclass with a bonus CD download “Look And Feel Younger: Turning Back The Clock With Anti-Aging Remedies”.

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